Why Nutritional Therapy?

Scientific research repeatedly demonstrates that our body’s ability to function is significantly affected by what we eat; to the extent that it is becoming common practice for people to turn to nutritional therapy to help manage a wide array of health problems, or to simply reach optimum health. This is a great place to start and mirrors our philosophy ‘prevention is better than cure’

What Can Nutrition Help With?

Many of us simply see food has providing our body with energy , however its job goes far deeper. Food interacts with our body on a chemical level. Nutrients have the ability to speed reactions up, inhibit others and allow organs to communicate and work synergistically.

Eating the right foods in the right way gives our body the tools it needs to operate in the way that it is designed to and provide us with health.

The food we choose can impact our concentration; our ability to fight disease; to reproduce, and to sleep soundly. Given that the modern western lifestyle places many obstacles in between us and the path to health, supporting the body nutritionally has never been more important.

We work with individuals who wish to empower themselves to achieve optimum health and wellness through nutrition, in an effort to prevent future problems. In contrast, we also help many people manage chronic health issues, which have been shown to be influenced by nutrition.

How Does It Work?

In advance of your consultation you will be sent a questionnaire and food diary that is filled out and returned to us before your consultation to help us prepare.

Initial consultations last around an hour and during that time we will discuss your questionnaire, health history and if you have any current issues.

The objective is to work to identify what imbalance or dysfunction is at the core of a specific health condition and manage it in a sustainable way through diet and where necessary supplementation. Even little symptoms we have accepted as part of day-to-day life, such as bloating, headaches, blemishes, dry skin and energy imbalances are a sign that our body is not working optimally. For those who are not experiencing any issues, we look to ensure your nutrition is providing you with all the vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health and future disease prevention.

It is not uncommon for us to recommend taking some natural supplementation, though this is not compulsory.

1st Consultation

approx. 60-90 min

During your first in depth consultation you will have the chance to discuss your health questionnaire, issues that concern you and your overall well-being. We will collect all the necessary information about your current and past health status, dietary habits and lifestyle that will help us understand how we can help you going forward.

We will agree on a set of initial recommendations to focus on for the next couple of weeks prior to your 2nd consultation.

2nd Consultation

approx. 60 min (approximately 10-14 days after first session)

Before this session we will have researched and documented our recommendations based on our previous session. You will learn about the nutritional programme we have designed especially for you.

We will agree goal specifics, which will include food and lifestyle changes as well as potential supplementation.

We will send you everything you need such as practical tips, suggested testing and a shopping list etc to help you get started.

Follow-up Consultation

– 1x 60 min (4 weeks after 2nd consultation)

We will discuss your progress and general well being. We will establish new goals and understand how we have helped so far.

The nutritional package payment of £120 covers the cost of your consultations, our time and expertise to research and collate recommendations in between consultations and respond to any queries.

**Duration between sessions may vary depending on the individual circumstances.

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